Infused Vodka

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We like having guests over to our home. Something that always gets people talking are Infused Vodkas.

Sometimes you can infuse them with a theme in mind (as you’ll see later in our Christmas vodka), or maybe to remind you of a special place. We’ve actually infused vodka using young branches from birch trees near our cottage, so every sip reminds us of our times there.

Today, we’ll show you our Creamsicle, Earl Grey Tea and Christmas Vodka Infusions!


This first one is always popular,

The CREAMSICLE vodka infusion


For this infusion you’ll need:

  • 250ml of vodka
  • one orange
  • one vanilla bean


First we take our vanilla bean and slice it in half. That slice makes sure we get the vanilla to infuse. Oh, and it also smells amazing!


To get the orange zest, you can just use a standard vegetable peeler if you don’t happen to have a zester. If you do have a zester, that’s odd. You probably have a melon baller too.

Add the sliced vanilla bean and orange zest to the vodka

Now, honestly, you just wait 24 hours for the flavours to infuse the vodka.

It may seem like a long time to wait, but wait until you taste the results!


You can remove the bean and zest anytime after this, if you keep them in the vodka they’ll look pretty and the flavours will continue to become stronger!

the EARL GREY TEA vodka


For this one you’ll need:

  • 250 ml of vodka
  • one teabag of Earl Grey tea
  • one lemon


When I first was thinking of combinations, the idea of Earl Grey tea came to mind. Looking for a complimentary flavour, it was pretty obvious to add lemon to tea!

I’m sure you can guess the next step here … add the teabag to the vodka with the zest of one lemon


Now, with a teabag the infusion happens much quicker. I’d recommend removing the teabag after about 12 hours, but you can keep it there if you want something stronger

We love to play around with recipes like this. Try another type of tea. Maybe and herbal tea like hibiscus or something floral like a chamomile!

For the holidays, we like to make something that really has the flavours of the season. So, if the lovely Christmas glögg isn’t enough Christmas cheer, try our next infusion!

the CHRISTMAS vodka

This one is always popular during the holidays. Once you taste it, you’ll know why


For this one you will need:

  • 250 ml of vodka
  • one orange
  • 2 sticks of cinnamon
  • one whole nutmeg
  • cloves (to taste)
  • cardamom (to taste)

You’ll also need a hammer … don’t ask, just keep reading!


Crack your whole nutmeg with a hammer. If you don’t crack that tough outer shell, the nutmeg really won’t infuse too well


Add the zest of one orange, cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom and half of the nutmeg to the vodka

Again, let it sit for a day


There’s a lot going on in this infusion and the cinnamon sticks being wrapped up by the orange zest makes for a pretty presentation. If you made this a day before having guests over, you can leave in all the ingredients just to show off how cool you are … but if there is any left over, you’ll probably want to take them out to stop any further infusing.


So there you have it!

Three very different infused vodkas.

The most fun is trying your own combinations. We once did one using roasted golden beets (shockingly tasty!)

Let us know some of the combinations you come up with. Send us pictures too!



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