Rustic Rye Crackers



Here’s a relatively easy way to make Rustic Rye Crackers. This is one of those things that when you serve it to people they’re amazed because you “don’t make crackers, you just buy them!”

Alright, let’s look at how we did this!


This is what you’ll need:

  • 200g whipping cream
  • 200g water
  • 260g rye flour
  • 320g white flour (for bread)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 packet of ‘Fast Acting’ yeast
  • caraway seeds (for topping)
  • sea salt (optional for topping)


Add the cream and water together in a small saucepan


Warm this mixture until it’s warm to the touch, but not hot. You want to activate the yeast later, not kill it!


Get all your dry ingredients and a large mixing bowl


Add both the rye and bread flour.

Add the salt and the yeast!


With a whisk make sure all the dry ingredients are well mixed.


Pour the warm cream and water into the bowl of dry ingredients.


Stir as you pour!

Keep mixing until you have a well mixed dough.


Pour your dough out onto a nice surface dusted with rye flour.


Knead the dough for 2-3 minutes

Slice the dough into 6 roughly equal sized pieces


Okay, so this seems to be working …


Roll the slices into balls of dough.


Let the dough rest somewhere warm for 20-30 minutes, covered

While we’re waiting, let me tell you a little secret. This is actually our recipe for Swedish Hardbread (knäckebröd). Turns out, it’s perfect for making crackers too! I’m going to show you a few ways to prepare it now!


Once the dough has risen, take one ball and place it on some parchment paper with a dusting of rye flour.



Roll until very thin or the dough has gotten about 30cm in diameter.


Get some of those toppings! (we use caraway and salt, but you can also use sesame seeds, dill … heck, experiment!)

Sprinkle on your toppings, then roll once to really get them set into the dough (if you don’t, your topping will just fall off once it’s cooked)


Now, use a fork to make many, many little holes! This is what will keep the dough from rising up … it’s gonna make it a cracker.

Place dough in oven at 475F for approximately 5 minutes. Flip over and cook for another 2-3 minutes. Watch to make sure it doesn’t burn!

Option 1 – knäckebröd:


Place dough in unaltered. Let cool on a wire rack after.

Option 2 – Rye Crackers:

Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes and place on a baking sheet.


Pop them in the oven!


Nice rye crackers!

Option 3 – PLAY AROUND!:


This one we added dill. Put whatever toppings you’d like on a cracker!


Serve it will cheese or pâté (or if you’re doing the Swedish thing, a little sil (herring) is always good!)



So, there you have it! Rustic Rye Crackers you made yourself.

Bon Apetit!

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